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Famous Pacers in Music Videos

NEW! "Happiness", Alexis Jordan, 2010.
An early model mint red sedan is featured prominently throughout the video, with Alexis Jordan riding in the backseat and later driving it.

Thanks to Jeff Davis for this Pacer sighting.

Hands Clean video
"Hands Clean", Alanis Morissette, 2006.
A teenage couple cuddles in what is undeniably the front seat of a Pacer.

Thanks to Harrel Lamkin for the sighting!

Tragically Hip videoThe Tragically Hip videoThe Tragically Hip video
"The Darkest One", The Tragically Hip, 2005.
Canadian rock band The Tragically Hip paired up with The Trailer Park Boys to create this video for the song "The Darkest One", featuring famed hockey commentator Don Cherry as a fried chicken delivery man driving a red early-model Pacer adorned with a chicken on the roof.

Thanks to Brodie Kutcher for this famous Pacer sighting!

"Just Lose It", Eminem, 2004.
"[There's] a split-second bit where he's driving his Pacer and the roof of it goes flying into the air." -Mudd

Thanks also to Charlie Gravelle for reporting this famous Pacer sighting and contributing images.

Smooth Criminal Pacer window shatterSmooth Criminal Pacer window shatter
"Smooth Criminal", Alien Ant Farm, 2001.
In 2001, Alien Ant Farm released a cover of Michael Jackson's hit "Smooth Criminal". Not even originally intended to be released as a single, the AAF version became an instant hit. Its accompanying video was filled with references to the "King of Pop", including a monkey, a masked kid dancing Jackson-style, a sidewalk with lighted panels, a couch or something made out of that silver glove material... and the famous scene from Jackson's video for "Black or White", where he jumps onto the roof of a car, screams, and shatters the windows of the car. In AAF's video, the lead singer does the very same thing, and the car -- none other than our beloved Pacer.

Thanks also to Chris for reporting this famous Pacer sighting.

Updated! "Calling Me", Li'l Zane featuring 112, 2000.
"It has a pale yellow or beige Pacer coupe. I thought the car was a 1978-80 high grille coupe, but the interior shot showed that 'Indian Basket Weave' pattern upholstery on the passenger door...which I didn't think was offered on the '78 and later cars. I should try to catch it again to confirm what type of Pacer it is...but the video was pretty painful for me to watch!" -Leon Doneski

"The Pacer in the L'il Zane video is ours. It is indeed a 1978 DL with basket weave interior. Her name is Penelope. The video was filmed in Miami, at Opa Locka Airport, and we were paid 500 dollars every day they needed the car for the video. The heavier of the guys in the shot claimed that his mother had a Pacer, too. Somewhere or other I have L'il Zane's autograph. The day before the shoot she wouldn't start and we had to buy a new battery!" -Dennis Fuller

Thanks to Charlie Gravelle for contributing images.

Pinch Me PacersPinch Me Pacers
"Pinch Me" video, Barenaked Ladies, 2000.
"A fast-food restaurant featuring backwards-motion food fights, AMC Pacers, and the Barenaked Ladies' Ed Robertson working the drive-through window are among the focal points for the video for BNL's 'Pinch Me,' which recently wrapped in Los Angeles." -From a news release, through Mike Travers

Images courtesy of ArcticBoy. He has several more images available on his web site.

"Promise" video, Eve 6, 2000.
An orange Pacer appears in this Eve 6 video. Thanks to Kuberra for the reference, and to Charlie Gravelle for contributing the image.

Eminem PacerEminem Pacer
"Real Slim Shady" video, Eminem, 2000.
"Eminem's latest video 'The Real Slim Shady' features a blue 1978-80 (raised grille) AMC Pacer coupe 'doing doughnuts' in a parking lot. Are we about to witness another Pacer-rise-to-stardom, as we did during the Wayne's World period?" -Leon Doneski

Soon after this video first aired, this Pacer was up for sale on an internet auction site. In September 2000, "Real Slim Shady" was awarded "Best Video of the Year" at the MTV Video Music Awards, hinting at that new rise-to-stardom Leon mentioned.

Images courtesy of ArcticBoy. He has more stills of this famous Pacer on his web site. Thanks also to Jesse, A. Hart, Kuberra, and Kevin Murphy for reporting this famous Pacer.

"Every Morning" video, Sugar Ray, 1999.
You can catch a glimpse of the front corner of a Pacer in the parking lot at the beginning of this 1999 music video.

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