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Tips for Finding Pacers and Parts & Pacer Pricing

As many past and current Pacer owners know, finding that perfect Pacer and the parts necessary to maintain it can be really tough. This guide is intended as a starting point, or a little extra help, for those stuck in their searches.

Sometimes the easiest solutions are right under your nose...

  • Your Local Newspaper: It's been known to happen -- the perfect Pacer is living in your hometown! Check the want ads regularly, and have relatives and friends do the same. Finding a Pacer in the area eliminates additional transporation costs and the hassle of buying a car away from home.
  • Local Junkyards: If you're lucky, your local salvage yards will have a few old Pacers lying around. These cars are a very inexpensive source for parts.
  • Your Mechanic: For those who get help with their auto work (like me!), your mechanic can be a great source of knowledge and help. He can contact other garages and salvage yards nearby and at a distance.

Extending your search...

If you're dedicated to finding a Pacer and/or parts, you usually have to look more globally than locally. Luckily, there are a lot of resources available to help you with this.
  • The Pacer Page Classifieds: hosts free classified ads for Pacers, Pacer parts, and Pacer related items wanted and for sale.
  • The AMC Pacer Club: The AMCPC puts out a quarterly newsletter containing a wealth of Pacer information, including Wanted and For Sale ads in every issue.
  • The AMC Mailing List: This email mailing list focuses mainly on technical discussions, and there are many list members who can help you in your search for cars, parts, and technical information.
  • The AMC Pacer Mailing List: Started in August 1999, this newer list focuses only on Pacers. Fun and full of helpful folks and useful information.
  • The Pacer Page - Pacer Resources: Be sure to visit the sites listed in The Pacer Page's Resources section, especially those in the AMC Cars and Parts Sites - Technical section. There are several classifieds sites listed there.
  • Technical Service Manuals: TSMs are a wonderful source of information for parts and repairs. They provide diagrams, step-by-step instructions, and details on parts. Search popular internet auction sites or AMC car shows and meets for a TSM for your model year Pacer.


Deciding how much to pay for a Pacer can be tricky. Parts cars can go for $100 or less, but "mint" Pacers may be worth a few thousand dollars or more. The pricing guides listed below are a good place to start, but in the end, it comes down to your gut feeling -- never pay more for a car than you're comfortable with. A general rule of thumb that's good news for buyers, not-so-good news for sellers: Pacers haven't held their value as much as other "classic" cars.
  •'s Classic Car Pricing Guides: This page has links to several online pricing guides.
  • VMR: Vehicle Market Research has a pricing guide that's popular among AMC and other vintage enthusiasts. (VMR's site is also listed on's site.)

Just a few more pointers...

  • Be sure you know what you're getting. There weren't that many Pacers made to begin with, and there are far fewer still in working existence. Before purchasing a car or parts, make sure that you know exactly what you're buying. A couple resources with great tips:
  • Don't give up! The search is sometimes frustrating, but solving a difficult problem is well worth the effort.

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