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Pacers in Print

This section captures sightings of Pacers in magazines and other publications. The pictures have been scanned at a readable resolution, so be aware that some of the file sizes are big. If you know of anything missing from the list below, please contact me!

AMC Brochures & Sales Literature


  • "AMC gambles $60-million on a new compact", Business Week, 1/20/1975
    Pages 76-78 (.pdf) (Contributed by Doug Frantz)

  • "First-Hand Report: Driving AMC's brand-new Pacer", Popular Mechanics, 1975
    Page 106, 148

  • "Suddenly it's 1980: American Motors' new Pacer is the freshest, most creative, most people-oriented auto to be born in the U.S. in 15 years" (cover story), Motor Trend, 2/1975
    Cover, page 35, 36-37, 38, 39, 97

  • "AMC Pacer: American Motors has decided conventional looks are passé but comfort and room for four are here to stay. The result: our first real urban transporter" (cover story), Car and Driver, 2/1975
    Cover, pages 22-23, 24, 25, 81

  • "American Motors Pacer: Surprising new car from the smallest of the Big Four" (cover story), Road & Track, 2/1975
    Cover, page 39, 40-41, 42, 43, 44

  • "American Motors Pacer: The world's biggest small car?", Road & Track, 4/1975
    Page 35, 36, 37, 38, 39
  • "El nuevo Pacer de la American", Mecánica Popular, 5/1975 (partial)
    Page 20 (Contributed by Fernando Callao)

  • "Road Test: AMC Pacer: A small car for people who don't think they like small cars", Car and Driver, 6/1975
    Cover, page 71, 72-73, 74, 76

  • "One of These New Cars Rates Better Than Any Subcompact CU Has Tested", Consumer Reports, 7/1975
    Cover, page 406, 407, 408, 409 (Contributed by Marc Cranswick, David Stephenson)

  • "We Test AMC's Pacer", Mechanix Illustrated, 8/1975
    Cover portion, page 30, 31

  • "'76 Gas-Saving Cars: How American Motors does it", Popular Science, 10/1975
    Page 117 (Contributed by Bill Davenport)

  • "El nuevo Pacer visto por los dueños", Mecánica Popular, 11/1975
    Pages 26-27, 28 (Contributed by Fernando Callao)

  • "Setting the Pace: Incredible Things Continue to Happen with the CC Pacer", Car Craft, 1/1976
    Cover, table of contents portion, pages 78-79

  • "Project: Racer Pacer", Hot Rod, 2/1976
    Pages 40-41, 42

  • "Project Pacer: CGE is the Pacer's Edge", Hot Rod, 3/1976
    Pages 54-55, 56, 121

  • "Double Barrel Pacer", Car and Driver, 5/1976
    Pages 72-73, 74
  • Coming soon! "The Flying Fishbowl", Car and Driver, 5/1976
  • "AMC Pacer Station Wagon is a Styling Coup!", Popular Mechanics, 10/1976
    Cover portion, page 96, 97, 176-177, 178

  • "What's New in the 1977s", Mechanix Illustrated, 10/1976
    Page 68 (Contributed by Bill Davenport)

  • "AMC '77", Motor Trend, 10/1976
    Page 55 (Contributed by Bob Brandys)

  • "AMC: presenta una nueva y original ranchera, la Pacer", Mecánica Popular, 12/1976
    Cover, page 29, 30, 31, 32 (Contributed by Fernando Callao)

  • Coming soon! "Special Delivery: A One-Car Delivery of a Show Car That Cries Out to be Reproduced", Trucking Trends, 1977
    Page 38, 39, 40, 41, 42, 43
  • "AMC Pacer... new outlook", Challenge (Goodyear Motorsports Club magazine), 1977
    Photo & caption (Contributed by Harrel Lamkin)

  • "AMC Pacer Wagon: Kenosha's small wide car grows up", Road & Track, 2/1977
    Pages 46-47

  • "The Great Green Hope", Pickup, Van & 4WD, 7/1977
    Cover, page 68 (Contributed by Carl Green)

  • "AMC for '78 -- a V8 for the Pacer, and now there's the Concord", Popular Science, 10/1977
    Page 98 (Contributed by Bill Davenport)

  • NEW! Unknown title -- AMC lineup, Auto Katalog, 1980 (German)
    Page 135 (Contributed by Mark Cranswick)
  • "Small Car for the Big Mac!", Classic American, 1990s (unknown date)
    Page 8 (Contributed by Louis van Steen)
  • "AMC Pacer: Center of the Known Automotive Universe", Car Craft, 10/1998
    Page 19 (b/w, color)

  • "Hits Misses & Never Weres: Cars and Fads that Changed our Lives... Or Not", Motor Trend 50th Anniversary Collectors' Edition, 9/1999
    Page 150

  • "Wide Boy", American Auto News, 3/2000
    Page 6, 7, 8
  • "Pacer is Freetown's new DARE car", New Bedford Standard-Times, 4/2000
    Scanned copy
  • "Once-reviled '77 Pacer now cruises to Best of Show honors", The Detroit Free Press, 8/13/2000
    Web capture (.mht)

  • "An unlinkely pacesetter", Orange County Register, 2001
    Scanned copy (Contributed by Jeff McDaniel) (The exact date and origin of this article is unknown. The original Orange County Register article was syndicated and published in several other newspapers.)

  • "Loving Tribute to Pacer Stirs Memories of Quirky Car", Los Angeles Times, 1/4/2001
    Page T6, web capture (.mht)

  • "Das Glashaus", Oldtimer-Markt (Europe's biggest-selling classic car magazine), 2/2001 (German)
    Page 178-179, 180-181, 182, 183, 184 (Contributed by Dieter Gunther)

  • "A '76 Pacer?!", The Fredricksburg, Virginia Free Lance-Star, 9/20/2001
    Web capture (.mht)

  • "Born to be mild: Fueled by high-octane '70s nostalgia, these 'classic' cars crank up the kitsch, USA Today, 3/29/2002
    Page 1D, 2D

  • "How to Donate Your Historic Vehicle to the National Rod & Custom Car Hall of Fame for Fun & Profit", Street Rodder, 4/2002
    Pages 250-251
  • "AMC Can't Dent Marketplace", Kenosha News, 7/3/2002
    Full page

  • "Driving Vacations Through the Ages", MSNBC, 4/22/2003 (Pacer is used as example of 70s)
    "Teaser button", screen shot of main page of Flash animation (original link)
  • "Off the Pace?", Classic American, 8/22/2003
    Web archive
    Web archive capture (.mht)

  • "Motoring Memories - AMC Pacer", Canadian Driver, 1/13/2004
    Web capture (.mht)
  • "Gremlin's Revenge: Collectors Are Paying More For Kitschy Cars of the 1970s; 'Rich Corinthian Leather'", Wall Street Journal, 1/22/2004
    Web capture (.mht)
    Print article: Page B1, B6

  • "The worst cars of all time: A look at the lemons before the automaking revolution", Forbes, 1/27/2004
    Web capture (.mht)

  • "Proud Pacer Parents: Understanding the motives of Pacer ownership", Hemmings Classic Car, 10/2004
    Page 52, 53

  • "Excellent! 'Wayne's World' car for sale",, 12/16/2004
    Web capture (.mht)

  • "American Motors' Pacer: A Piece of Tomorrow", Hemmings Classic Car, 3/2005
    Web capture (.mht)
    Page 64-65, 66-67
  • "Marlins and Hornets and Gremlins, Oh My: The Quirky Classics of A.M.C.", The New York Times, 4/4/2005
    Page D10
  • "Freak or Unique?", Classic & Sports Car, 5/2007
    Pages 114-115, 116, 117, 119
  • "Top Ten Questionable Designs",, 8/2007
    Web capture (.mht)
  • "The 50 Worst Cars of All Time", Time, 8/2007
    Web capture (.mht) (Contributed by John Werner)
  • "Revenge of the Nerd Cars", Business Week, 8/23/2007
    Web capture (.mht) (Contributed by John Werner)
  • "The World's Ugliest Cars", Business Week, 8/23/2007
    Web capture (.mht) (Contributed by John Werner)
  • "AMC set pace for ill-designed cars, survey finds", CanWest News Service, 8/29/2007
    Web capture (.mht)
  • "Lemon Lines: These cars are so ugly, they make taking the bus look good", National Post (Canada), 8/29/2007
    Web capture (.mht)
    Page AL8 (.pdf)
    (Note: This is based on the CanWest News Service article listed above.  Versions of the CanWest story also appeared in the Vancouver Province, Vancouver Sun, Windsor Star, Montreal Gazette, Ottawa Citizen, Regina Leader Post, Saskatoon Star-Phoenix, and the Edmonton and Calgary editions of Rushhour.)
  • "Power Tour Standouts!", Mopar Collector's Guide, 10/2007
    Cover / page 16
  • "Father, daughter run toward fame", Ruston Daily Leader, 10/28/2007
    Front page, page 1C
  • "MOPACER", Hot Rod, 11/2007
    Cover / pages 64-68, 70 (.pdf)
  • NEW! "The Return of AMC!", Hot Rod, 4/2008
    Cover, pages 48-49, 50-51, 52, 54
  • NEW! "101 Cars: AMC Pacer",, 8/4/2008
    Web capture (.mht)
  • Collectible Automobile Magazine, 4/2009



  • "The Saturday Morning Car Wash Club" (short story fiction) by James Ellis Thomas, The New Yorker, 7/10/2000. A pair of urban youths gain respect (and the attention of the ladies) by driving a 1978 AMC Pacer.
    Page 66, 67, 68, 69, 70 (Contributed by Leon Doneski)

  • Pacer photos featured in BMW 5 Series by Marc Cranswick (Pacer owner: Roy Layne)
    Page 20

  • Pacer photo featured in Retro-Monde, a French as a Second Language (FSL) textbook published by Oxford University Press (Pacer owner: Nolan Dehner)
    Page 17

  • Pacer Topps Chewing Gum Trading Card
    Front & Back

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