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Pacer Page Features

This is a list of current and past front page features on The Pacer Page.

Bringing New Life to the Pacer (24 June 2012)
Ryan Sharp experiments with different front-end concepts for a '77 Pacer. Camaro? Charger? Even a DeLorean?!

New AMC Pacer Flickr Group
The Pacer Page Photo & Image Archive has moved to a Flickr group. If you're not already a Flickr member, you can join with your Yahoo! account. It's quick and easy, and you can start posting your photos, images, even video right away.

AMC Brochures! (28 September 2007)
The Pacer portions of each AMC annual sales brochure are now available on the Pacers in Print page, along with other goodies like portions of the 1974 AMC Annual Report, 1975 Pacer Salesman's Guide, and more.

Who is Carl Green? (1 August 2007)
The CGE Pacer.  The Pacer Pickup.  Consummate automobile modifier Carl Green was responsible for both, and in this exclusive interview, he shares his life story and ongoing involvement with the AMC Pacer.

The Electric Pacer (23 May 2004)
Dennis Eichenberg had the privilege to work on converting Pacers and other cars to electric power throughout his career as an electrical engineer.

Famous Pacers Section Revamped! (9 May 2004)
The Famous Pacers page has been revamped! It is now an entire section, broken down by category. Many new famous Pacer sightings have been added, and pictures have also been added for a number of the sightings (yes, including Wayne's World!).

Jeni's First Drag Racing Experience (October 2003)
Nearly a year later, I finally had a chance to "produce" a video of my first drag racing experience, at Speedworld Motorplex in Phoenix, on November 24, 2002. Check it out -- look under the "Jeni's Journeys" heading.

1976 Pacer X Convertible? (11 June 2003)
An anonymous visitor shared his memories of his 1976 Pacer X "convertible".

Pacer - Disaster on Wheels! (22 February 2003)
While most of our Pacer stories are positive memories, Delores Lay had an unfortunately negative experience with the Pacer she owned when it first came out.

Did the Pacer Kill AMC? (Mid-February 2003)
In response to the posting of Matt Crawford's "Why a Pacer?" essay to the AMC mailing list in mid-February 2003, there was a flurry of discussion about the role of the Pacer in AMC's decline.

Pacer commercials! (17 February 2003)
Check out these original AMC Pacer and AMC commercials from the '70s!

Jeni's Kenosha 2002 Journey (15 February 2003)
Seven months later, I've finally posted details and pictures from my journey to Kenosha, Wisconsin in July 2002 for the 100th anniversary national meet. Check out pictures of a dragster Pacer, a 1902 Jeffery's Rambler, and me with some dummies. :)

Why a Pacer? (29 January 2003)
Matt Crawford shared this essay with the AMC Pacer mailing list.

Cool Pacer (21 January 2003)
Chris Allen acquired his Pacer at age 14, and he and his dad spent two years building it into a "Cool Pacer". He explains the details of the restoration.

Pacer Flambé (29 November 2002)
Phlowtey recounts the story of how his Pacer went up in flames.

New Pacer Videos! (23 August 2002)
I've added two new videos to the A/V Pacers page, both Pacer feature news stories from television -- one which aired on the KARE-11 Minneapolis news on 11 July 2000, and one from the show Top Gear on the BBC. They both feature Pacer TV commercials from the 70s.

The Uhrins' 13,635-mile Pacer (31 July 2002)
Curt Uhrin shares the story of the 13,635-mile Pacer he and his wife, Malia, purchased in July 2002.

Memories of "Finchly" (30 March 2002)
Drew Measel has fond memories of the Pacer he called "Finchly".

Jay Delancey, "Pacer Saver"(18 March 2002)
Jay Delancey of Acme, PA shares the story of the Pacer he loved growing up, and the Pacers he purchased to fulfill his dream of finally owning one as an adult.

Much-Delayed Jeni's Story Update (15 January 2002)
Those of you who may have once known that I sold Pacer #2 and bought Pacer #3 have probably forgotten it by now, because I did an awful job of updating my story on The Pacer Page. Now, a year since all of that transpired, I have finally updated Jeni's Story with information on my new Pacer.

ANNOUNCING... The Pacer Page Classifieds! (14 January 2002)
At long last, The Pacer Page now features a classified ads section. View ads for Pacers for Sale, Pacers Wanted, Pacer Parts for Sale, Pacer Parts Wanted, Pacer Related Items for Sale, Pacer Related Items Wanted... or post your own!

An Account of Dick Teague's Early Life (10 January 2002)
Judy Carman of San Francisco shared this story about the early life of Dick Teague, legendary creator of the Pacer and other AMC vehicles.

Pacer is the Bubble Car (29 December 2001)
Stephen Meyer composed and recorded this original alt/pop/rock song about our beloved Pacers. It's fantastic - check it out!

Andy Van Dalsem's Journey to the Midwest and Back (3 December 2001)
In the fall of 2001, Andy Van Dalsem drove his Pacer from California to Illinois. Little did he know he'd have to turn around in two weeks and drive it back! This is his story in pictures.

"Rosebud" the Pacer (14 September 2001)
Kristin Olson reminisced about her family's Pacer, "Rosebud".

The AMC Pacer - The Ultimate Snow Machine! (31 August 2001)
Dave Cook of Mississauga, Ontario, Canada shared this story of how he braved "the worst snow storm of the decade" in his 1976 Pacer one day.

Kathy's 1978 Pacer Wagon (15 April 2001)
Kathy from San Diego shared these details about her 1978 Pacer wagon.

The Happy Pacer (19 March 2001)
In March 2001, William R. Morad from Voorhees, New Jersey shared the story of his parents' Pacer -- a story with an unfortunately sad ending, but still containing some very fond memories of a beloved family automobile.

Bob Charet's Pacer Memories (5 January 2001)
Bob Charet recounts very vivid memories of his first car, a 1976 Pacer D/L.

Featured in the LA Times (4 January 2001)
The Pacer Page was featured in the Los Angeles Times on 4 January 2001!

Pacer Chemistry (15 October 2000)
AMC Pacer mailing list members had fun creating imaginary chemical compounds featuring the name of our beloved automobile.

The Pacer and the LeMay Museum (29 August 2000)
Eric LeMay is the director of the famous LeMay Museum in Tacoma, Washington, showcasing the incredible automobile collection of his grandfather, Harold E. Lemay. He told of his interest in the Pacer and sent in some pictures of the most amazing of the five AMC Pacers in the LeMay collection.
Permanently archived in the Pacer stories section.

Todd Nessel's Secret Pacer Ride (13 August 2000)
Todd Nessel must have been one of the first people in the general public to take a ride in a brand new 1975 Pacer. He shared this story.
Permanently archived in the Pacer stories section.

Leslie Lupi, Pacer Salesman (11 August 2000)
In early 2000, I won an eBay auction for a Pacer model from Leslie Lupi. As it turned out, Leslie was an AMC salesman in the days of the Pacer introduction. He was kind enough to share his story with us.
Permanently archived in the Pacer stories section.

Derik Gustafson's 1980 Pacer (1 August 2000)
Derik Gustafson sent in his story about finding his "dream car" 1980 Pacer wagon.
Permanently archived in the Pacer stories section.

Kenny Tucker's "Musical" Pacer (July 2000)
Some of you may have already seen the picture of Kenny Tucker's Pacer in The Pacer Page Photo & Image Archives. Kenny kindly elaborated on the information we already knew from that Parade article.
Permanently archived in the Pacer stories section.

A Fateful Pacer Purchase (23 May 2000)
Thomas Gooch tells the story of how his family came to own their 1977 Pacer wagon, which they still own today.
Permanently archived in the Pacer stories section.

Freetown, Massachusetts' DARE Pacer (5 May 2000)
Freetown, Massachusetts' DARE (Drug Abuse Resistance Education) vehicle is a specially-outfitted 1975 AMC Pacer, donated by local businesses.
Permanently archived in the Pacer stories section.

Decoding Pacer Sticker Stats (14 April 2000)
Ever wonder what all those numbers on your Pacer stickers mean? Use this handy guide to figure it all out.
Permanently archived in the Technical section.

"Pacer-dise" Found, Lost, and Found Again (30 March 2000)
Troy C. tells his story of finding his dream car, losing it, then gaining it back, promising to never again let it slip through his fingers.
Permanently archived in the Pacer Stories section.

A Dream Come True (25 March 2000)
On March 1, 1975 Francis Fay first laid his eyes upon a Pacer. 25 years to the day later his dream of owning one finally came true.
Permanently archived in the Pacer Stories section.

Wide Boy (March 2000)
Mark Vickers explores his fond memories of the first American car he ever saw growing up in the UK with this comprehensive historial article of the Pacer.

25th Anniversary of the Pacer (28 February 2000)
Rhett posted this great message containing lots of fun Pacer facts to the AMC mailing list to celebrate the 25th Anniversary of the AMC Pacer.

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